Everything you need
to deliver the ideal
product experience

LogRocket helps software teams fix issues, increase
conversions, and drive product engagement across
web and mobile apps

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Session Replay

Reproduce every user session with a pixel-perfect replay

  • See DOM state, network logs, Javascript errors, and
    performance data for in-depth debugging
  • Search for sessions by user to quickly resolve support
    tickets and user-reported issues
  • Make better product decisions by watching real users
    interact with your web or mobile app
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Frontend Performance Monitoring

Correlate frontend performance with business impact

  • Monitor page load times, CPU / memory usage, browser
    crashes, and React component rendering
  • See how performance affects conversion rates and engagement
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Product Analytics

Convert, engage, and retain customers

  • Create custom metrics to see changes in any
    interaction, page, or feature
  • Track funnel conversions, user flows, and event
  • Proactively surface issues that prevent product
    usage and conversion
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Error Tracking and Issue Management

Surface the most impactful issues affecting your users

  • Monitor Javascript errors, network failures, and
    performance issues
  • Review stacktraces alongside video replay of
    every issue
  • Cut through the noise of error tracking tools to
    find and categorize your highest-priority issues
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User Experience Analytics

Increase engagement and improve the design of your apps

  • Use heatmaps, clickmaps, and scroll maps to optimize
    page layouts
  • Surface and quantify how user frustrations like rage
    clicks and dead clicks hurt product adoption and conversion
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Native Mobile Apps

Everything you love about LogRocket, now on mobile

  • Watch pixel-perfect session replay, backed by the most detailed technical data on the market
  • Use dashboards and metrics to track conversion, engagement, and retention
  • Identify and prioritize the issues with the greatest impact
    on your users
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Machine Learning

Galileo, LogRocket's Machine Learning layer, cuts through noise to find the answers you need and hand deliver them to you

  • Get alerted to the highest-impact issues affecting your apps
  • Highlight key moments of frustration and recommended sessions
  • Surface root causes instantly

SaaS or Self-hosted


SaaS or Self-hosted

Use our hosted solution or run LogRocket in your own cloud environment to simplify compliance

Works natively on AWS, GCP, Azure, or any Kubernetes environment

Requires just 1-2 hours for setup


Privacy / Compliance


Privacy / Compliance

Easily redact sensitive data from being captured

SOC 2 Type II certified, GDPR- and CCPA‑compliant

HIPAA and FedRAMP hosting options





SSO integration with most providers, including Okta, Google, and Active Directory

Configurable role-based access controls

Audit logging, uptime SLA, and available 24/7 phone support

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