Dutchie homes in high-value user sessions with LogRocket Conditional Recording

Cannabis technology platform Dutchie uses LogRocket to create shared experiences between its customers and its support, product, and engineering teams.

In ecommerce, you don’t get many opportunities to get it right with a prospective customer, so outstanding customer experiences are essential. High volumes of traffic create a lot of noise, making it difficult to identify valuable sessions. Moreover, most customers won’t speak up when they have a poor experience, and those that do often find it hard to vocalize exactly what went wrong.

“We chose LogRocket because we wanted to have more control over what we knew we would need recordings of to capture product insights and understand common support areas. Conditional Recording allows us to track sessions that include high-value activities and identify any errors that occur.”

Dutchie uses LogRocket’s Conditional Recording to capture all the user sessions its teams need to see, and none of the ones they don’t. This strategic session capture allows Dutchie’s teams to operate more efficiently, eliminating noise and reducing costs by 33% without the risk of missing out on valuable sessions through random sampling.

Senior Manager of Customer Support Sam Siskind is committed to providing frictionless experiences for Dutchie’s customers. But a rapidly growing customer base meant that his team needed a way to prioritize the most important customer sessions in order to solve problems faster. This meant homing in on the checkout process and sessions where B2B customers interact with their support widget.

“It was possible to capture everything, but it just wouldn’t be cost effective for an ecommerce platform.”

Enter LogRocket.

Targeting customer sessions with surgical precision

As business grew, it became inefficient for Dutchie’s support team to try to recreate customer issues based only on customers telling them what went wrong. More worryingly, most customers don’t reach out to support when they experience an issue; they simply give up and never come back.

“Many people don’t reach out when they run into an error. They might try again in the future, or might never try again. Without LogRocket, we don’t know how many of those people are out there and what actually happened to them. Conditional Recording gives us the ability to find those people and see what went wrong.”

The Dutchie team knew they needed a session replay tool that could reproduce exactly what their customers were experiencing. But, with hundreds of thousands of user sessions per day, capturing every session would be too expensive. Dutchie also knew that simply sampling a percentage of all their sessions would create the “swiss cheese effect” - missing some of the most valuable sessions while capturing many that weren’t valuable at all.

“We could technically record everything and filter sessions, but we’d be casting too wide of a net and from a cost perspective, it’s just not worth it. Conditional Recording gives us the ability to surgically get at a specific segment of recordings.”

All sessions are deleted 30 days after they are initially captured. Dutchie uses LogRocket’s privacy controls to ensure that any personal information isn’t visible to its teams and never even reaches LogRocket’s servers.

With LogRocket’s Conditional Recording, Dutchie captures only the highest-value sessions, ignoring those that don't meet their criteria. Because the team only captures the most important sessions, Dutchie was able to reduce costs by 33%.

Streamlining support for faster fixes

One area where Dutchie leverages Conditional Recording is on any session where a B2B user clicks its support widget, which is powered by Zendesk. Using LogRocket’s Zendesk integration, the team gets a link to the relevant LogRocket session every time a customer submits a support ticket. This makes life easier for both customers and the Dutchie support team.

“LogRocket puts less of a burden on the customer to relay everything that happened in the moment. If a customer reaches out, our support team has a recording of what the customer was doing leading up to that moment.”

When it comes to solving customer issues and determining if they were caused by bugs or user errors, it can be difficult for a customer to explain exactly what happened in the moment, especially when it comes to things like metadata.

“[A] big thing is mobile device visibility. A lot of our customers place orders on their phones, and there are all types of browsers and devices out there. Being able to figure out what device they were on matters so much when you’re trying to figure out what went wrong.”
“With LogRocket, we don’t need them to tell us what browser and device they were using. We have all that info. LogRocket offers a shared experience between our customers and support team, which is something that you don’t get with other options.”

After connecting LogRocket sessions to Zendesk tickets, Dutchie has reduced mean time to resolution by 7 minutes, saving them hundreds of hours per month.

Product insights for frictionless customer experiences

When a support ticket does uncover a bug, or user errors become big enough to affect conversions, LogRocket sessions become invaluable to Dutchie’s product and engineering teams.

“LogRocket helps us with real-time support, but also offers precise visibility into a certain segment that lines up with the people affected by a recurring incident.”

When a bug appears, the Dutchie support team can send LogRocket sessions straight to the engineering team. Because LogRocket’s session replay shows user sessions alongside network requests, logs, and performance metrics, engineers can easily identify where in the code a bug occurred and quickly fix the underlying issue.

“We’re lowering the effort and pain associated with experiencing a bug or not understanding why something worked the way it did.”

LogRocket is also being used by Dutchie’s product team to track the effectiveness of new features. Dutchie is updating its website, and has set up a Conditional Recording filter to make sure it captures sessions from the new site.

“As we launch a new version to more users, our Product team is using LogRocket to see if customers experience any issues.”

Using LogRocket’s dashboards and metrics, the product team can understand if customers are using the new site as intended, or if there are user experience issues they need to resolve before launching the site to their entire customer base. This includes not just bugs and errors in the code, but also areas where customers are getting stuck or confused.

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