Dojo delivers a supercharged user experience with LogRocket

Dojo (formerly Paymentsense) is a financial technology company providing card payment and online payment solutions for small and medium-sized businesses in the UK and Ireland. As it grew, Dojo needed to streamline the process of delivering a better customer experience and resolution management so teams could focus on developing new features for customers.

“We looked at every single pain point,” said Jag Kintali , Dojo’s Head of Engineering. “One of the biggest pain points was customer service. And second most was that, as an engineering team, we were struggling to see how our product was being used on the web and what our customers' challenges were.”

“The day we picked up LogRocket, we were sold.”

LogRocket was able to solve the pain points by offering a real-time picture of customer experience that provides complete visibility into how customers are using the product and helps resolve customer service issues. “It was an easy win, a very powerful win,” according to Jag.

Today, “every web-based system we have is using LogRocket purely because of how easy it is to integrate.” Dojo uses LogRocket as a single source of truth across teams to understand which user experience issues impact customers the most. Furthermore, it provides the data needed to solve these issues, technical or not, and prioritize what to tackle first.

Improving the issue resolution cycle

Dojo first started using LogRocket on its external customer portal to help resolve customer-reported issues. “Somebody would call and say, ‘I can’t do this on the web,’ or ‘This is not happening,’ but we couldn’t reproduce it on our side. We had to ask them to send the logs from the console and all those kinds of things. The feedback cycle was quite long.”

Dojo’s customer service team can now look up customer sessions and quickly understand the problem; if it's a user error they directly help the customer, if it’s a technical issue they send it to the engineering team. When customers are still in a session, Dojo uses LogRocket’s Go Live feature to help solve issues in real time. “It’s an easy selling point for the CS team,” says Jag, “They can see exactly what the user is doing, and any technical website queries become a lot easier.”

“It’s easy for us to see if something is broken and if we need to take action. It’s a very simple view, but it’s quite powerful because it gives us an idea of where we’re going.”

Even better than faster issue resolution, Dojo now proactively responds to user issues. The team set up an alerting system through LogRocket to notify them if issues arise, before they’re reported by customers. “We send all new errors to a slack channel,” says Marco Lanaro, Engineering Team Lead at Dojo. “We open a thread, post a slack message, figure out if it’s something related to an issue we know is happening, or if it’s something new. Then we figure out the priority and we create a ticket.”

Customer-led feature design

Dojo operates on the principle of delivering customer value in every release. LogRocket helps the team follow through on this by quantifying feature usage and adoption as well as frustration points in the user experience. This data allows Dojo to confidently decide which actions will improve customers’ experience.

In one case, “There was this feature that was very expensive to maintain,” says Marco. “It was a great feature that both the tech team and the product team wanted to have because we thought it would help customers see value. Looking at the data in LogRocket, we saw that there were actually not many customers using it. We figured out that it was not worth maintaining that feature. We reshaped it, making it technically easier and with a good compromise from the functional point of view.”

“We can look at the different sessions in LogRocket and see how much average time customers are using this feature, and that visibility of data makes a very clear case.”

LogRocket’s heatmaps uncover areas of frustration in the user experience for Dojo. “Clickmaps clearly told us how some parts of the UI looked clickable and are not,” says Marco. “It’s a big benefit to the UX team to find those issues very easily.” By eliminating small frustration points like this that might otherwise go unnoticed, Dojo reduces friction and makes its product a joy for customers to use.

A workflow for all teams

Dojo has expanded its use of LogRocket to multiple business segments, including customer support, engineering, product management, and user experience. These teams created a LogRocket-centered workflow that allows them to solve the most urgent issues quickly and free up more time to develop features customers will love.

Issue priority is set using a “blast radius” metric. When a new issue alert comes into slack, “Product managers go into LogRocket to find confirmation,” says Marco. “They look at the numbers of how many sessions are getting hits.” If the blast radius is large, product management prioritizes the issue for a fix. The engineering team then refers to LogRocket sessions to understand why the issue is occurring, replicating it without needing to speak with customers to understand what happened to them.

“It’s the real-time feedback that we’ve been creating for our entire ecosystem, our entire user base, and that really helped us make our product more reliable.”

This system provides a single pane of glass through which all of Dojo’s teams can understand the customer experience. Although each team may be focused on different aspects of the user sessions, LogRocket offers a common language through which everyone can discuss what’s happening to customers.

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