A social enterprise that provides a platform for long-term unemployed women to gain an income and skills through the making and selling of soy wax candles.


We are a socially and environmentally responsible business which aims to empower vulnerable women who face barriers to work.

Through our partnership with Edinburgh-based charities we help women gain the skills and confidence necessary for them to move towards employment in the long term.

Affiliated with Enactus Edinburgh, at the Edinburgh Candle Company we are driven to make a positive change in these women’s lives by providing them with the opportunity to make and sell soy wax candles.

We believe that everyone is capable of sustainably supporting themselves if they are given the opportunity.


The Edinburgh Candle Company was founded to empower women to achieve their full potential, create business and make long lasting change possible. We achieve this with our three-stage business plan.

Stage One – Candle making. By engaging local unemployed women to make soy wax candles in our enterprise, we are improving their livelihoods economically as well as benefiting their dependants.

Stage Two – Skills development. We work together with Business Advisors to provide employability workshops for the women and prepare them for the job market. By attending our workshops, the women gain valuable skills in Sales, Marketing and Accounting which will help them progress to long-term employment.

Stage Three – Candle selling. To ensure the sustainablity of the business, we sell our candles through various streams – at markets, online and in independent stores around Edinburgh. We reinvest the profits back into the enterprise, which allows us to continue to empower even more vulnerable women.



At the Edinburgh Candle Company we believe in creating a high-quality product at an affordable price. Each candle is handmade by a signle artisan from start to finish. Our candles are hand poured using high quality fragrance and 100% natural soy wax. The soy wax we use burns three times longer than standard paraffin wax and smells much stronger. They come in 6 different scents in 30cl glass containers.

As we recognize the dangers of negatively impacting the environment, the soy wax we use produces zero CO2 emissions, making our candles environmentally sustainable.  All of our candles are vegan, GMO-free and created without any dyes or enhancers.


Nicolette Cross

Managing Director

Grace van der Velde

Director: Beneficiaries

Kobby Thomas

Director: Sales

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Marketing and Social Media

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Beneficiary Team

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Beneficiary Team

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Sales Team

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Finance and Communications